Type 27. Tech Info. SDS. Flap discs are constructed by layering coated abrasive flaps so they wear away and expose new, sharp grain. Flap discs increase productivity and reduce total grinding and finishing costs by grinding, blending & finishing in 1 step. Fiberglass backings will wear uniformly with abrasive cloth and will not splinter or ...

Weiler 50936 BobCat 2" Diameter, 120 Grit, Zirconium ...

Amoolo 4.5 Inch Flap Discs, 20 PCS-40 60 80 120 Grit Angle Grinder Sanding Wheel, High Density Abrasive Grinding Discs T29 Zirconia for Metal/Wood Grinding (7/8 inch Arbor Size) 4.5 out of 5 stars 430

China Coated Flap Disc, Flap Wheel for Metal and Stainless ...

China Coated Flap Disc, Flap Wheel for Metal and Stainless Steel, Find details about China Flap Disc, Flap Wheel from Coated Flap Disc, Flap Wheel for Metal and Stainless Steel - ZHENGZHOU BOSDI ABRASIVES CO., LTD.

Coated abrasive tools

Coated abrasive tools. Modern coated abrasives are the result of an advanced technology process based on years of experience. Key elements that make up the abrasive materials are: flexible substrate (fabric or paper). type and amount of the abrasive grain, binder. The most common grain is corundum (ALOX).

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Flap discs for use on angle grinders. Check out our flap discs designed to meet the demands of modern industry with new options that include abrasives designed to grind stainless steel, aluminium, stone and sizes from 100mm (4") through to 230mm (9") All of our products are manufactured to the highest standard and conform to EN13743 and to the ...

TORNADO aluminum oxide flap disc from Shanghai …

TORNADO aluminum oxide flap disc, 0.200 Pieces, Shanghai,China (Mainland) from Shanghai Tornado Abrasive Tools Co., Ltd on iAbrasive .

Coated abrasives: discs, belts, sheets, rolls and sanding ...

D = 135/160 g/m2. This backing is used for the C-wt applications, with mid-powered portable sanders and for narrow belts on fixed sanding machines. E = 185/225 g/m2. It is used to prevent paper from cracking, so for discs and wide belts in medium and fine grits. F = 250/300 g/m2. It is the heaviest and the least flexible, so ideal for the ...


Flap Discs are an essential tool for right angle metal grinding applications, and can be used in place of both grinding wheels and resin fiber discs. Zirconia is a long-life premium abrasive that works well on stainless steel, hard steel, titanium and various others.

COMBIDISC® quick-change discs

PFERD offers a wide range of coated and non-woven abrasive tools for face-down grinding, belt grinding, peripheral grinding, surface conditioning, polishing, and much more. For coarse grinding work with a high stock removal rate and a long service life. Materials that can be worked: Bronze; Other non-ferrous metals; Hard non-ferrous metal

Coated Abrasives

2015-9-25 · Threaded Flap Wheel (5/8-11 for Right Angle Grinder) • For use on standard 4-1/2" and 5" angle grinders • Applies a linear scratch pattern, instead of a swirl; narrow profile is excellent for cleaning weld beads • Suitable for surface preparation and cleaning, finishing, paint and rust removal

Coated Abrasives | Abrasive System | Joysun Abrasive

2019-7-9 · The coated abrasive finished product is one of main product lines inside Joysun complete range of professional abrasive systems. It mainly covers a series of flap discs, mounted flap wheels, unmounted flap wheels, fiber discs, quick change Roloc discs, Satin linear finishing wheels, sanding belts made with aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide ...

Sanding Discs; Fibre Disc & Flap Wheels

Fibre Discs / Flap Wheels. Our Sanding Discs & Flap Wheels are sourced from top quality manufacturers including 3M, VSM or Klingspor. We recommend aluminum oxide fibre discs for aluminum, or zirconium abrasive discs for general purpose operations particularly steel. Items 1 to 15 of 21 total. Show.

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2020-3-30 · Premium coarse grain. Safer, faster and smoother finish than steel. Suitable For Metals. Available sizes: 4", 4 ½", 5", 7", 9". Removes rust and paint with out damaging the original surface. High quality Polyurethane coated, nylon cord with with silicon carbide. Smooth even finish. Water and solvent resistant. Premium extra coarse grain.

TORNADO Sanding Flap Wheel With Shaft from Shanghai ...

TORNADO Sanding Flap Wheel With Shaft, 0.200 Pieces, Shanghai,China (Mainland) from Shanghai Tornado Abrasive Tools Co., Ltd on iAbrasive .

Tornado FW250 abrasive bevel edge sanding wheel for …

Tornado FW250 abrasive bevel edge sanding wheel for grinder, 1.500 Pieces, Shanghai,China (Mainland) from Shanghai Tornado Abrasive Tools Co., Ltd on iAbrasive .

What''s New: Abrasive Grinding Tools | Fabricating and ...

2012-10-10 · The new SMT850 Plus from KLINGSPOR Abrasives, Inc. (Hickory, TN) is the perfect combination of non-woven and coated abrasives – the best of two products, all in one flap disc. With this unique combination, the SMT850 Plus guarantees a high rate of stock removal with a high quality surface finish which leads to fewer processing steps and ...

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-Flap Wheels with shank 6mm,made with ALOX abrasive cloth only,or with mixture with non woven abrasives.-Flap wheels in 120mm x 100mm x 19mm hole keyway with Non-woven abrasive material,or with abrasive cloth or with mixture of them. Suitable for a variety of applications, from surface cleaning through to satin finishing and light deburring.

115 X 22.2mm Abrasive Grinding Flap Disc with Zirconium

China 115 X 22.2mm Abrasive Grinding Flap Disc with Zirconium, Find details about China Abrasive Disc, Grinding Wheel from 115 X 22.2mm Abrasive Grinding Flap Disc with Zirconium - Nanjing CUMET Tools International Co., Ltd.

Henan CF Abrasives Co., Ltd.

Flap disc are versatile grinding and finishing tool,consisting of three main components:a backing plate,adhesive, and abrasive cloth flaps.The rectangular flaps are overlapped and glued to the backing plate.Flap discs are designed for right angle grinder applications ranging from heavy stock removal to surface blending

Zirconia Flap Wheels 1 4 Shank | Flap Wheels Drums | CGW ...

Zirconia Flap Wheels, 1/4" Shank. Download Image. Zirconia Flap Wheels 1 4 Shank. • Zirconia grain provides sharper cutting and longer life than aluminum oxide flap wheels. • Excellent for smoothing and deburring. • Durable cotton backing. • For work on steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys. Print».

Linear Finishing Abrasives | CS Unitec

2021-12-14 · Linear Finishing Abrasives. CS Unitec offers a wide selection of abrasives for applications from coarse to a mirror-finish. Polish to high-gloss and mirror finishes with cotton rings, felt and SuperPolish sleeves. Finish open or closed pipe constructions with the grinding belt roller and a variety of abrasive and polishing belts.

Range of abrasive tools, flap discs or wheels | ICOMEC Italy

Conic. Flap discs "FEROX Line". Professional abrasive tool with "supersize" flaps. This kind of cloth and long double flaps allow to work on soft materials without clogging. This new abrasive flap disc is the best for grinding Steel and Stainless steel even compared to the most important brands present on the market. Conic.

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Flap wheels are the ideal abrasive tool for the finishing of metal surfaces. Suitable for surface grinding and finishing in small areas i.e. pipes, cylinders, tanks, on all types of steels. Flap wheels come on a 6mm shank (3mm also available) and are generally of a aluminium oxide grain. Other sizes & grits on request.


2021-9-8 · Flap Wheels PA-55, PA-58 G Grinding Discs Ceramic Grain PA-68 IBS Gorilla Flap Ceramic Discs PA-48, PA-49 IBS Gorilla Grind Rough Grinding Discs PA-61 Solid Mini Roloc Quick Change Grinding Discs PA-66 TriFlex Grinding/Blending & Finish-ing Wheels Grinding, Blending, FinishingPA-12 Trim-Kut PA-70, PA-71 Zirconium Hi-Alloy PA-68 Plus PA-68 ...

Abrasive Papers/Belts/Discs

Flap Discs – Similar to a fibre disc, flap discs are made from overlapping layers of coated abrasive on to a fibre back plate. Ideal for heavy grinding applications and where life is important. Sizes: 100mm, 115mm, 180mm Grits: P24, P36, P50, P60, P80, P120


• The general purpose range of cutting-off and grinding wheels SIZE (mm) GRIT PK QTY ART NO. FLAP DISCS - FIBRE GLASS BACKED 115 x 22 40 10 63642502311 60 10 63642502312 80 10 63642502313 VULCAN R842 ++++ • Versatile product for rough grinding and deburring on steel and stainless steel • Self-sharpening zirconium abrasive grain

115 X 22mm Abrasive Grinding Flap Discs with Zirconium

China 115 X 22mm Abrasive Grinding Flap Discs with Zirconium, Find details about China Abrasive Disc, Grinding Wheel from 115 X 22mm Abrasive Grinding Flap Discs with Zirconium - Nanjing CUMET Tools International Co., Ltd.

Kalamazoo Industries-Industrial Abrasive Machines

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